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Buy USB Windows Icebox (Freezer)

With the convenience brought by the popularization of computer, a lot of complicated and fussy maintenance give us many troubles. In the daily maintenance, we often come across the attacks of viruses, hackers and villain software, artificial deliberate damages, mal-operations and privately setup of software and other problems, which can lead to the loss of important data and even the crash of the whole system.

How to ensure the security of the system and the convenience of the maintenance, here is a new product-Window’s Icebox which includes system security, data security and easy maintenance.

Recovery your HDD in an easy way and no more worries of virus infected and hacking when you are unattended.
- This freezer is a product which enjoys the personal data security and system safety. It can set you free from the fussy maintenance, and avoid losses more efficiently because of such things.
This product realizes the security work to the documents and operation system through the following ways:

1.Freezing partitions: to freeze the designated partition of hard disc. (All the operations are temporary; when the computer is shut off; all the data will got recovered) (It means you can still have normal operation just that when you shut down your PC, it will recover the the previous status unless you have the dongle plugged and change the settings)

2.Open directories: the directories in frozen partitions (e.g. my document and desktop) are frequently used, so they can be set as “opened directories” so that it STILL can be rewritten and saved and it will not influence your normal operation habit.

Possible Applications:
- When you were out, your kids will have your PC for games, internet... which may get virus infected or accidently file / dicrectory deleted. You may have this one to avoid virus infection, accidental file deletion..
- Net bars

System requirements:
(1) Recommended hardware environment:
All kinds of desktop computer (IBM PC & compatibles) and laptops.
CPU: Pentium 800 and above.
Memory: above 128M.
Hard disc: 3-5GB free space is needed.

(2) Software environment:
- Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista Windows 7.

Package Includes:
- USB Windows IceBox (Freezer) x 1
- Driver & Manual CD x 1

- Blister

Product Price:
BDT - 1,600 TK. (RetailersBDT - 1,300 TK. (Wholesale) 

- One USB Windows IceBox (Freezer) is for ONE PC ONLY.
- If there is a change in settings and you DON'T unplug the dongle out, it may need around 2 ~ 15 minutes to restart your OS.
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